We’re in a fortunate position where we have huge amounts of students revising on the site and with that comes lots of data which we can use to help us gain insights into the sort of behaviours students have, especially when it comes to revision.

Here’s a roundup of the top 5 revision habits students have:

  1. They’re night owls!

owl-1266206_960_720 (1)

Your students do most of their revision between 21:30 and 23:30 at night.

Our analytics clearly show that in the month leading up to exams the majority of students learn late in the evening.


  1. The last week is critical


Your students revise on average three times longer in the week leading up to the exam than the week before.

The last week is when it all happens for the “average student”.


  1. They’ll keep you waiting


Student performance levels increase dramatically in the last 8 days before the exam.

Via mypeexam.org, quiz scores increase by 20% on average in the last week before the exam.


  1. They’re digital

Businessman hand on laptop keyboard with blank screen monitor


The “average student” revises more hours online than from notes or textbooks.

Students search for reliable resources online and then settle on a small number of sites and resources.


  1. They’re pretty social


Your students like to share experiences when they are revising.

Our research clearly shows that students contribute to forums and chats while they are revising.

This is a social process of sharing but also of asking questions about things they are stuck on.


So it would seem giving students the tools to revise at home, in an online environment, where they can post messages to friends or ask for help is important. And remember, they will probably leave it late, so give them the tools and encouragement to start early to get the most from their revision, and avoid the revision-related stress!