• Track your students, cohorts and courses

    Easily manage the performance of multiple groups and courses with the Institution package. Look for trends in class data and receive realtime up-dates on all of your learners.

  • Group Enroll

    myPEexam provides you with an intuitive school/college portal to set up groups and enrol students. You will have total control throughout your license to add students and change teachers and courses for groups. You can reset student passwords on the spot so they’ll never have an excuse!

  • Track Lesson Completion

    Know at a glance how your entire cohorts are progressing through their learning. Real Time, formative, and summative data constantly available – perfect for making your interventions razor sharp when reporting to senior colleagues.

    Topic mastery

  • Step by Step

    View cohort data but also have access to every individual student’s data stream. Assist your teachers acknowledge learner performance and respond with interventions to live, game-changing data about students.

    Effort Tracking

Department support

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