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The most popular LIVE PE revision in the world with every second taught by James Simms, the world’s most-watched PE teacher and creator of

James will take you and your learners on a rich journey of PE revision in the weeks and days leading up to the big exam.

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  • TACKLING EXAM TECHNIQUE £0 27.03.2017 SESSION 1 (10 left) 28.03.2017 SESSION 2 (10 left) 29.03.2017 SESSION 3 (10 left) FREE
  • AQA GCSE PE REVISION £200 24.04.2017 Session 1 (Short & Full) 03.05.2017 Session 2 (Full Course) £200
  • OCR GCSE PE REVISION £200 25.04.2017 Session 1 (Short & Full) 04.05.2017 Session 2 (Full Course) £200
  • EDEXCEL GCSE PE REVISION £200 26.04.2017 Session 1 (Short & Full) 08.05.2017 Session 2 (Full Course) £200
  • TACKLING EXAM TECHNIQUE £0 04.04.2017 SESSION 4 (10 left) 05.04.2017 SESSION 5 (10 left) 06.04.2017 SESSION 6 (10 left) FREE
  • AQA AS PE REVISION £300 02.05.2017 Societal Factors 10.05.2017 Psychological Factors 16.05.2017 Physiological Factors £300
  • OCR AS PE REVISION £300 27.04.2017 Sociocultural Factors 09.05.2017 Psychological Factors 15.05.2017 Physiological Factors £300
  • BTEC Sport L3 £100 23.05.2017 Unit 1: A&P £100
  • AQA A2 PE REVISION £300 25.05.2017 Contemporary Influences 30.05.2017 Sport Psychology 07.06.2017 Applied Physiology £300
  • OCR A2 PE REVISION £300 24.05.2017 Historical Studies 31.05.2017 Sport Psychology 06.06.2017 Exercise Physiology £300
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  • exam focused
  • easy to learn
  • well explained

High Quality & Reliable Technology

Our sound and image will be razor sharp and our stream is robust. We’re so confident in our stream that if you experience a technical difficulty we’ll redo the show just for you at any time of your choosing!


On Demand & Live Replays

Can’t make the show at that time? No problem - we’ll provide your very own private screening just for you at no extra cost. Just give us a time and date and we’ll be there. You will also receive the show recordings the very next day to host on your own pages and resources in school.


High Quality Notes

All our shows include a fantastic set of notes pages bespoke to your course and exam. Students will be expected to focus and to study but within the framework of brilliantly intuitive notes. Please see our examples below.

Examples from 2016

Offering world-class PE learning experience to everyone.
Check out the 2016 samples below to see what we do!

GCSE PE Sample 2016
AS PE Sample 2016
A2 PE Sample 2016

See how it helped other teachers and students

  • AQA A2 PE LIVE Revision: Hi James. I would just like to say thank you so much for all the amazing content and videos you produce. I've just come out of my exam and can truthfully say that I think I would have done a lot worse if it hadn't had been for your videos and ‘Hot Topics’ videos.

    Ronnie Withers

  • OCR AS and A2 PE LIVE Revision and Site Subscriber: I have used this material for learning both AS and A2 content and I feel that it has benefitted me greatly, giving me a deeper understanding of each topic and ultimately helping me to work at a higher level/grade in the subject. Over the two years of A-levels my passion for this subject has grown mainly because of this revision tool offered and it has inspired me to consider teaching PE as a career.

    Ben C

  • OCR AS and A2 PE LIVE Revision and Site Subscriber: A thoroughly enjoyable experience that helped consolidate my knowledge in the classroom and provided me with confidence and belief to succeed in the exam.

    Aman Rashid

  • OCR AS and A2 PE LIVE Revision and Site Subscriber: I honestly couldn't have got an A if it wasn't for 2 years of mypeexam, a brilliant resource that if you put the hours into it it will pay off now. You're an incredible man with an incredible website, I've got into Durham to study sports science and I don't think I could have done it without you.

    Adam Mallinson

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