This Thursday 22nd June 2017 we’ll be hosting a live TV show at 20:00. We invite all interested colleagues to tune in and to watch and, if you choose, to interact with the show. You can tweet questions or comments or even call in to ask your question.

Session Topic – The Future Classroom Model

We’ll be discussing our own classroom design which we published two weeks ago via Education Reimagined.

How to interact with our show – A guide…

Option 1: Tweet your question or comment in advance of or during the stream. Tweet to @My_PE_Exam or use #reimaginED or #LIVEchat. We’ll answer as many tweets as possible

Option 2: You can call the show and ask your question direct in the stream. Your audio will feature live in the broadcast. Follow this guide:

  • Text your question and your name to 07504733221.
  • At an opportune moment we’ll call you back and, once you answer, you’ll be live on the show.
  • During this period please turn off the sound of the live stream itself and only use the audio on your telephone.
  • Please make sure your contribution is constructive and purposeful.
  • At the end of the call feel free to make a shout out to your school, colleagues or students.