• Courses

    Easy Student Tracking

    We enable individual students to sign up direct on the site, or teachers to enrol student groups for multiple tracking. Teachers can view progress and marks for all assigned students within their class structures. This includes time spent studying, mastery progress, quiz scores, points earned and learning behaviours exhibited.

    Effort Tracking

    Exam Board Structure

    Not only are our courses presented in an incredibly personable way by James, the most-watched PE teacher in the world, they follow the exact exam board structure. GCSE, AS, BTEC, CTEC and GCE courses across AQA, Edexcel, OCR, Eduqas, WJEC and Cambridge board structures. Your students are well looked after with our courses.

  • Quizzes


    Mastery of skills, knowledge and behaviours is the target for all students. Our quizzes demand mastery to pass and ensure that student progress is correlative to successful output. Tutorial mastery requires the student to watch every second! Rest assured that myPEexam progress is just that – progress.

    Topic mastery

    Automated Marking

    Our automated marking system allows for a timesaving addition to the myPEexam service. Focus on your own teacher analytics suite produced for you not by you to enable more time planning, executing, intervening, and developing students in the classroom.

  • Contemporary Ideas

    We provide our teacher members with valuable ideas specific to the classroom. We have over 150 teacher tutorials. Why do we do this? Because we know that myPEexam can change what happens in the classroom, for homework and for revision. Our teacher support library will help you manage your future classroom. Check out just one of these ideas here…


    Video Support

    Beyond theoretical concepts, we want teacher members to get the very best out of the tools and services we provide. We specify videos to help understand the key methods of diagnosing myPEdata and utilizing it in your classroom.

  • Groups

    Group Tracking

    Our service allows groups to be completed and assigned to teachers. Not only can teachers track individual students, they can view, diagnose, and respond to the entire classrooms’ performance in one easy reference.

    Group Comparison

    Our system allows for the performance review of multiple classrooms and provides you with the game-changing data that you need. Visualise the performance of multiple classrooms and understand patterns in student performance. Beyond tracking, our teachers respond to data in class.

    Group Comparison Image

  • Communicate

    Group & Individual Messenger

    Our messaging service allows our teachers to connect with their students and classroom from within myPEexam. We’ve developed immediacy between reference, diagnosis, and response.

    Personal Email

    We understand the dynamic environment of a teacher and so enable email management from within personal accounts. There’s no need to return to myPEexam to see who’s replied. Check your personal inbox.

  • From any location

    Enjoy unrestricted access to innovative PE content and tools from anywhere with a connection.