From May 2017 The EverLearner Ltd seeks 50 PE teachers to take part in our first cycle of annual teacher training and CPD in the skills of the modern and future teacher. These 50 teachers will be classroom teachers or middle managers and will receive a full scholarship to the course and pay no fee whatsoever. Colleagues with interest in this model should read our full rules but a summary can be seen here:

  • The course consists of 11 units.
  • There are three compulsory units and eight optional units.
  • Certification and graduation is achieved by completing a minimum of seven units (80 credits).
  • Distinction can be achieved by earning over 100 credits

Participating in this course will be highly beneficial. This is a summary of why you should take part:

  • The training is very high quality and very relevant. No-one else is offering this type or quality of training and we guarantee you that you will learn skills that are relevant to the classroom now and in the years to come.
  • The training is useful and provocative. We’re going to challenge you at every level of your teaching practice from improving your questioning technique to thinking about the fundamental principles of education.
  • The training is ongoing. You’ll take one experience per month and then apply what you’ve learned. You can also qualify by taking seven of the eleven elements.
  • The training is completely free. We’re absolutely serious about this. It’s free – completely free! We do ask you to value this training as if you’ve spent a lot of money on it.
  • We certificate and endorse you at the end of the course. Once graduated, you’ll receive The EverLearner certificate (something that will become very highly prized in years to come) and you can refer to yourself as an EverLearner Certified Teacher. We’ll also provide you with some groovy little icons to put on your social media profiles.

Please browse our syllabus below. If interested, please apply via the application form at the bottom of this page. The 50 scholarships will be awarded no later than 1st June 2017.

Month Session Details Compulsory/
Date Duration Location
June 2017 Curriculum Design
Improving course outcomes by getting the course strategy right.
Optional – 10 credits Monday 26th June 16:30 45 minutes WebinarJam (online)
July 2017 TEL Classroom
the future of the classroom presented to you in-person by the full TEL team. We will take you through a 2 hour whirlwind experience where you will be the student in our classroom of the future.
Compulsory – 20 credits Various -please check UK tour map once published 2 hours In-person
August 2017                                                                       Summer Break
September 2017 The Masterplan
a session covering broad facets of work but focusing on the humanistic learning model.
Compulsory – 10 credits Various – please see schedule once published. 45 minutes YouTube LIVE
October 2017 Increasing Student Activity in the Classroom
A presentation of between 7 and 10 ideas to dramatically increase student ownership of learning in the classroom.
Optional – 10 credits Tuesday 10th October 16:30 45 minutes WebinarJam (online)
November 2017 Flipped, Blended and Self-paced Learning Models
we aim to demonstrate how the classroom converts from being a predominantly teaching space to a learning space by moving out of pedagogy into heutagogy.
Optional – 10 credits Wednesday 15th November 16:30 45 minutes WebinarJam (online)
December 2017 The Mastery Model of Learning
we aim to challenge the systemic behaviours of ability profiling and present functional ways to present learning in a model that allows for mastery for all, regardless of their start point.
Optional – 10 credits Monday December 11th 16:30 45 minutes WebinarJam (online)
January 2018 The Data Springboard
using live, volatile data to change the game. If you’re used to the run of the mill “data sessions” you really need to attend this one.
Optional – 10 credits Tuesday January 16th 16:30 45 minutes WebinarJam (online)
February 2018 Revision Models That Work – Assessing and presenting a range of revision models that make an impact and understanding the revision behaviours of students in order to get the most out of them. Optional – 10 credits Wednesday 28th February 16:30 45 minutes YouTube LIVE
March 2018 Middle Management
managing up and managing down. A series of practical and insightful recommendations into the best middle management practices.
Optional – 10 credits Tuesday March 20th 16:30 45 minutes WebinarJam (online)
April 2018 Managing Exam Results, Report writing and Action Plans
a series of models that allow teachers and middle leaders to celebrate, review and respond to exam results no matter how pleasing or worrying they are.
Optional – 10 credits Wednesday 18th April 16:30 45 minutes WebinarJam (online)
May 2018 Mystery Session and Graduation – A celebratory session involving a series of surprise guests. Compulsory – 10 credits TBC 45 minutes YouTube LIVE