The everlearner roadmap 2018

The EverLearner Roadmap project is a system of thinking and learning that is directly applicable to student performance in a wide range of school, college and university qualifications.

The Roadmap is a highly visual, memorable and metaphor-based method of thinking about and answering any question. Importantly, The Roadmap model completely demystifies "exam technique".

The Roadmap has the power to dramatically improve student performance and raise confidence in the classroom, for homework and, crucially, in formal exams.

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The EverLearner Roadmap is relevant to individual students as well as whole classes and schools.
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  • A4 Poster Pack £60 14 A4 Skills Posters 1 Poster per skill Ideal classroom display high quality & durable £60 +VAT
  • Student Pack £25 1 A2 Wall poster 1 Pocket Guide £25 +VAT
  • Classroom Pack £150 14 A4 Skills Posters 25 Pocket Guides 1 x A2 Wall Poster 1 x Playing Cards £150 +VAT
  • Staff Training £0 Online or in-person Highly active Directly improves literacy Full or half-day
  • Student Learning Mats £7.50 Available for delivery! A3 high quality PVC learning mat Plan every answer visually Buy 30 pay £100 only £7.50 +VAT
  • Student ONLINE £30 Unlimited access to student course All skills demonstrated Automated quizzes Certificate of achievement £30 +VAT
  • Classroom ONLINE £150 30 student accounts Unlimited access to online course Teacher tracking Certificated achievement £150 +VAT
  • A2 Wall Poster £20 Large poster All 14 skills & maps High quality print £20 +VAT
  • Pocket Guide £6.50 Miniature guide Perfect for pencil case Carry anywhere Very tough & durable £6.50 +VAT
  • Student Pack + ONLINE £50 1 x Student Pack Access to online student course On demand demos of all skills Unlimited access £50 +VAT
  • Classroom Pack and ONLINE £250 1 x Classroom Pack 30 student accounts online Unlimited online access Best of physical and online £250 +VAT
  • Roadmap Playing Cards £30 1 pack of 14 Skills playing cards Create and play skill games Plan answer structures IMMEDIATE DISPATCH £30 +VAT
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Online, on your notice boards, in your pocket!

  • Beautifully designed
  • Highly memorable
  • Durable & high quality prints

Eye-catching and memorable visuals that cause learning

Our visuals are professionally designed with the learner in mind. Each graphic is highly memorable and unique and will become second nature to the learner. The days of recalling prescriptive and confusing acronyms to help students with exam answers are over!


High quality and durable prints

Our posters, playing cards, pocket guides and learning mats are beautifully-designed, high-quality prints and are highly durable. We've thought long and hard about what teachers want and what learners need. Every copy will last and will have an impact!


Connected resource online & in the real world

Our physical and online resources complement one another. Access video resources and online courses but also have the roadmaps right there in your classroom or in your study. We provide the best of both worlds and the understanding necessary to combine the physical with the online in the very best of blended learning.

Different ways to use The EverLearner Roadmap

The Roadmap can be used in many different ways. These are just three primary suggestions to get you started.

Individual Exam Preparation
Whole-Class Skill Development
Whole-School Skill Development

How can I use The Roadmap?

  • Use the learning mat to sketch a roadmap of every answer regardless of the command word. Become proficient at spotting and visualising exam answer structures.

    Plan exam answers

  • Improve the quality of your writing by using our suggested connectives for each command word. Writing exam answers is more than simply knowing the material we all need to format our writing to the correct style.

    Improve SPAG

  • Guide your classes and groups to use visual rather than linguistic stimuli in their answers. Instead of PEEing or PEELing or even PETERing visualise the journey and identify where Mark will be.

    The power of visualisation

  • Set class tasks using the playing cards. If a group is learning topic A and turn the card for "Evaluate" have them evaluate the concepts within topic A using the visuals to guide their answer.

    Make it a game

  • Introduce the Roadmap model early in a course and scaffold learners in their initial understanding of exam questions. Then, as skill levels and intuition rise, gradually and deliberately reduce the reliance on the model until the learner is ready to perform on the big day of the exam.

    Not just exam prep

  • Rather than answering an exam question, sketch a roadmap adding post-it notes with the relevant content at each position where Mark is drawn. You could even write the post-it comments from Mark himself: "Mark says the answer is

    Demystify exam technique

  • The Roadmap model works across a huge range of subjects. Introduce the concept and prepare your whole cohorts to improve their thinking, writing and exam skills.

    Improve whole school literacy

  • Use our connectives suggestions to elevate writing and to encourage relevant and well-targetted answers.

    Brilliant connectives

  • Use your high-quality posters as a teaching and reference tool. Treat your notice board like you would your whiteboard with key information contained on skills that truly matter for the learner.

    Teach from your notice board!

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